Julie Strobach


Founder | Entrepreneur | Keynote speaker

My mission 

Inspiring people: Integrating work and private life to enjoy each day to the fullest.

Founder, entrepreneur, international speaker.
15 years of experience presenting B2B talks and workshops in Germany, Turkey and Colombia. I am a consultant for work life integration and female entrepreneurship.


Work life Integration

Work life integration is all about getting more from life by prioritizing the roles that make up our identity – work, leisure, gender and success. It means taking time to perceive your options and taking responsibility for the degree of flexibility in your life using your head as well as your heart. Your job is an important component, because only those who are truly aware of themselves can improve their life and develop their full potential.


Female Empowerment

I have long asked myself why some women are more risk averse and have a less effective career network than men, and what it takes to empower women for leadership positions. I also spent a long time searching for female empowerment role models who have authentically succeeded as feminists in their career.



"Julie is raw female power on stage. She has shown in her inspiring presentation that femininity is not an obstacle, but instead can be a huge advantage. With her energy, warmth and natural style, she was able to dispel the doubts of many participants who were of the view that femininity is an obstacle to a career."

Dr. Stefan Hartmann
Chairman MAVI Apotheken Institut AG

“After hearing Julie's compelling and emotive speech on MeToo, Mansplaining and working with men, I started to engage myself with the topic. I now have an even greater awareness and have since had many very personal conversations with women affected."

Hilke Schröder-Rumsfeld
Head of Brand PR and Communications, CHC Marketing Deutschland

"Thank you so much for your visit and for sharing with us your experience in Sales Management. It was so remarkable to see organize a lecture with no lead time. It was such a learning experience and the sales team was highly motivated. No doubt you are a unique leader and an outstanding speaker.”

Carlos Urrego
CEO, EuroLife Columbia

"Her energy, her optimism and her joie de vivre are very contagious. She wins over the audience, stays focused and leads the way through the agenda. For me she is a real female leadership role model. One quality that I especially admire about her is the way she shares her knowledge. She simply tells from her experience and leaves room to pick out what's actually relevant to each individual. For me, that's the best way to be inspired."

Jules Grant
Coach & Consultant

It is always a wonderful and very special experience to meet Julie Strobach in person. Because of her vibrant, authentic appearance, her specific knowledge and in-depth view of the work life integration turn her talks into a truly inspirational experience. I am really looking forward to our time together and also what may come out of this time spent in each other’s company.

René Hagspiel
Founder Big Belly Bank Europe

Julie brings with her just the right amount of energy and a positive outlook on life and career that is expected of a speaker without being naïve about it in any way. It is exactly for this reason that we have invited her to an event with customers for a second time. Her communication is precise, pleasant and authentic and due to her success as an entrepreneur she is also absolutely credible. One can sense that Julie puts her heart into her work and that it is not just a job for her.

Dr. Manuela Rabener
CMO & Co-Founder UK Scalable Capital

"Julie is the best speaker I know. I’ve had the opportunity to attend many of her keynote speeches, talks and workshops and am always fascinated by how she takes the audience on an emotional journey with her thoughts and stories and rekindles their energy, giving them more power to make and shape. Julie is also such a great person with a big heart, sincere empathy and wonderful mindset. The world needs more inspirational people like Julie."

Kristin Henke
Managing Director & Keynote Speaker

"JS rocks! Julie Strobach has what it takes to keep the plenum enthusiastic, active and interested in the topic. In addition to her present charisma, I particularly appreciate her ability to integrate the audience positively and to develop a joint ´Spirit´, which not only maintains the level of attention during the event, but also continues to have an effect afterwards – sustainable motivation, so to speak."

Harald Steiner
Authorized Officer, Sales Manager | Head of Sales Dr. Hobein (Nachf.) GmbH, med. Hautpflege


I am Julie Strobach: founder, entrepreneur, mother, doer, human being – usually all at the same time and always with passion. This is challenging and fulfilling at the same time. In my keynote speeches, as in life, I stand for equality, love and a better way of living. My goal is to make others aware to the issues I address, to inspire them, to give them new impulses for their lives, their work and their relationships. This is what motivates me every day.
During one of my trips, I discovered meditation. Since then, I have been going to various meditation centers to connect with my inner-self and experience spiritual awakening. When meditating, I always consider it essential not to adopt the rituals as mandatory rules or duties, but to use them freely according to my feelings and needs. I am not religious and I do not want to be dogmatic in my demeanor or towards myself. However, I like to share and therefore occasionally organize meditation evenings for friends and do short meditation sessions for my employees and myself in the office or during my sales training courses.

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