#Female Empowerment

I have long asked myself why some women are more risk averse and have a less effective career network than men, and what it takes to empower women for leadership positions.

I also spent a long time searching for female empowerment role models who have authentically succeeded as feminists in their career.What expectations does society have for us women in the business sector? Sexualized by society and marginalized by gender, women are often attributed stereotypes that hinder opportunities for advancement. How can women still manage to be bold and successful? What role must modern feminism play in support of women? And what role does male empowerment play in this?

I will show you my own my path as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry and share the experiences I have had along the way with women and men. As a role model for my children, it is important for me play an active role in encouraging society to reconsider its current ways of thinking and eradicate issues like mansplaining and inequality.